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Photography by Jason Lee Parry

30 year old Jason Lee Parry is based in Los Angeles, and has worked as a professional fashion photographer for about 3 years. However he picked up his first camera already when he was just fifteen years old, and since then he hasn’t stopped creating images that evoke undiluted sexiness mixed with a feeling of youthful freedom.

When asked what inspires him, he answers: “Living in a tent in my living room and drinking whiskey for days on in, that’s when the ideas really  start to flow. Or any kind of fort will do. 60s and 70s playboy mags, old motorcycle films, Jim Morrison’s Poetry, long road trips with little cash, recklessness,  total freedom to be myself, Guy Bourdin, long walks at 3am, my beautiful humble woman, activities that have no meaning, bad weather, complete confidence without cockiness, being with people who do before they think, Very Small Towns and Villages, just doing shit that’s out of the ordinary.

It seems to work for him, because his work is quite fantastic. Jason’s work has been featured in publications such as Lush, Tokion, Celeste, Clay, Baby Baby Baby, Soma, Paper, Thrasher, Vice, Pep, blisss, LA milk, Soko and more.

Here’s some of it (edit: now with video!):

Check out the rest of his work here.