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Photography by Emily Abay

Melbourne based photographer Emily Abay startet taking photos at a very young age, and says she grew up in the dark room as her mother is a photographer. Her work has been published in this months Australian Vogue, as well as been published in publications like Yen, Oyster, Fashion Journal and Fashion Trend, and she has a men’s editorial coming out in Culture Mag in June this year.

She says this about her inspirations: “I get a lot of inspiration from beautiful cinematography. I love movies like Great Expectations and video clips like Fiona Apples ‘Criminal’. The colours and the mood really inspire my work. As for who inspires me, my friends and fellow photographers Ed Purnomo, Elvina-mae Farkas and Mariah Jelena Kordzadze are real inspirations for me. They are so talented and they really drive me to want to do better everytime I pick up a camera. I have a real great respect for them and their work so it’s great motivation.

Emily’s keeping busy, and at the moment she’s working on a feature shoot with Aussie talent Bertie Blackman. “I’ve also got a few editorial submissions up my sleeve that you’ll hopefully see in mags by spring.

Here’s some of her work:

Check out the rest of her work here.