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Photography by Dylan Forsberg

New York based model and photographer Dylan Forsberg has been shooting ever since he got his camera at the age of sixteen. Seven years later he’s still using the same camera when taking pictures, and beautiful ones at that. “The first person I took a picture of was my girlfriend around that same time. For a while I only took landscapes but I got back into shooting people after I shot my Mom for a Christmas present. I couldn’t afford to get her anything else and she had just moved to Florida so she was having trouble meeting people. When I got back to New York, I told my friend Hanne and she said I should take some pictures of her. I did and everyone liked them so I shot my girlfriend Kasia next.

Dyaln claims he doesn’t take in that much inspiration from outside: “- I have a terrible memory and no imagination so I just get a few people in a beautiful place and mess around with my camera settings. I try not to force an idea I have in my head on the people I’m shooting because I don’t want them to act or look posed. I just want to catch them as themselves doing whatever feels right with the atmosphere we’re in. David Armstrong’s work did show me that things don’t always have to be in focus though.

His work hasn’t been published anywhere yet, but it’s not at a thing he worries about. “With what I’m doing it isn’t really necessary to shoot for magazines anymore. I throw my stuff on a blog, other blogs mention it and it spreads. As long as I do a good job people will like it and tell others. Then when I try to sell prints, t-shirts or a book I have a wide audience of people who actually know who I am and like my work. They’re not buying a magazine for the magazine and seeing my work, they’re coming to buy my work personally from me. I have shot for one magazine coming out in September though, The Last Magazine. The format is amazing and the people working for the magazine told me to do whatever I want and they liked how it came out.

At the moment Dylan is working on a small t-shirt company called “Where I want to be,” where he takes his landscape photography and throw them on high quality t-shirts, then destroy and dye or tie-dye them. “- Once they’re in stores and online, I’m hitchhiking to the west coast for a book / gallery and more material for my t-shirts.

Here’s some of his work:

Check out the rest of his work here.