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Photography by Dimitri van Hoewijk

Amsterdam based photographer Dimitri van Hoewijk has always been an enthusiastic holiday snapper but became more serious when he started his course at the Academy for Photography in 2006. Since 2008 Dimitri focuses on fashion photography and already saw his work appearing in the 2010 yearbook of PANL (photographers association of the Netherlands) and two magazines from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (“Odd Magazine” 2010 and “Your Biggest Bang” in 2008).

-My primary source of inspiration for photography is music and lyrics and in particular bands like Built to spill, Death Cab for Cutie, Architecture in Helsinki and Snow patrol.” said Dimitri van Hoewijk when asking where he finds his inspiration ” - This provides for an emotional feeling that is the basis for what I am trying to do with my photography. Furthermore, I watch a lot of movies and television series. To name just a few: A Single Man by Tom Ford, the BBC series Wallander and all movies by director Michael Mann. And of course there are all these fantastic photographers such as Camilla Akrans, Solve Sundsbo, Miguel Reveriego, Gregory Crewdson, Avedon and Dutchmen Andy Tan and Petrovsky & Ramone and lots and lots more.”

-In respect of each individual shoot, most times I am very lucky to cooperate with really talented students from the Dutch fashion design academies. They always have interesting and layered concepts as basis for their collections. I find that these concepts and the actual clothing they have designed and put together are always a huge inspiration on what we are trying to communicate with the photography.

When we asked about Dimitri’s future plans, he said:  ” -My next focus will be on fashion in empty but stylish (architectural) environments (to provide for a somewhat empty scenery with graphic elements I like to use), which I want to combine with more movement and in particular strong emotional layering. This is an area in which I want to develop and grow. However, winter is setting in so the coming months will be rather cold so I am going to work on my lighting and movement in a studio setting. I recently bought a beautiful book by Nick Knight and am getting a lot of inspiration. One particular project which I have been thinking about for some time now is to cooperate with modern dancers. It must be awesome to combine the way they can express emotions with their body with an exiting collection and location!

Some of his work:

Do not forget to check the portfolio site, dimitrivanhoewijk.nl is at your service!