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Photography by missAlessia

Former model Alessia Laudoni divides her time between the beautiful cities of Barcelona and Rome. About ten years ago she started working as a photo assistant, and from there her career has gone from strength to strength, working for clients such as Nike, Sony BMG, Max Italy, Max Germany, Playboy Germany, FHM, and MTV Italy to name a few.

She claims her ideas and inspirations often comes to her in visions, and she uses her camera as a sort notebook to write them down: ” - Other than that I am inspired by a certain state of mind, the body, geometry, city lights, music, architecture and movies.

At the moment she’s occupied with a personal project called Travelling Around Music, which she is doing together with event and art manager Anna Mastrolitto.

Here’s some of Alessia’s work:

Check out the rest of her work here.