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COUP D’ÉTAT by Kevin Calero

Montreal based student, Kevin Calero, did a film in conjunction with photographer Saad Al Hakkak’s “Factory” cover story in WINQ magazine Nov/Dec 2010. He says this about the film called COUP D’ÉTAT: “- The main idea behind the film came from my recent obsession with exploring oppression and the impact it has on individuals. I wanted to portray subjects under surveillance in an oppressive establishment. Although by the end of the short, the subjects don’t fully revolt against the oppressive force, a change in behavior is noticeable. My goal was to try and capture this escalating tension .Where the first half has voyeuristic element to the camera work, the second half has the subjects becoming self-aware as they start acknowledging the camera, and each other.

Kevin is a talent worth keeping an eye on in the future, and although still being in school, he’s had the opportunity to co-direct projects with Rad Hourani and Nike (coming soon).

Enjoy COUP D’ÉTAT by Kevin Calero:

Film by Kevin Calero
Styling - Cary Tauben
Hair and make up - Braydon Nelson

Felix Bujo (Re:Quest)
Philippe Leblond (DNA)
Vince Robitaille (Red)
Eryck Laframboise (Red)
Mark H. (Adam)

Check out his portfolio here.