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Sexy RAW by GL Wood

As we mentioned earlier today, VAGA, a biannual, New York based printed fashion magazine has just launched. Astoria, NY, based photographer GL Wood was one of the contributors with his story Sexy RAW featuring model Lindsey Grace (MUSE). Wood claims he never really planned to become a profesional photographer:” -I started out as a painter and was going to become a teacher. I took some photography classes and decided that maybe I should pursue it more. At this moment professionally I have been shooting for 4 years.

When asked about his inspirations, he replies:” -At this moment, elements of my childhood and the era ( born in ’79) I grew up in have become a huge influence. I started to draw inspiration from overlooked photographers and artists during that era, mainly Jean Paul Goude and Serge Lutens. I consider the 80s to have the best use of colors of any decade. Everything was either very bright and vibrant or very dark and gloomy. A lot of my work can be classified the same way ” Very bright/ vibrant colors but with a dark and gloomy vibe”. Others that influenced me have been the post punk/ electro music scene of the early 80s and also Ridley Scotts films of that era.”

Photography: GL Wood
Stylist: Anna Katsanis
Hair: Nikki Nelms
Make-up: Anetta Klemens for MAC Cosmetics,
Model: Lindsey Grace @ MUSE

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