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Pins & Needles by Mezzetty

UK studio Mezzetty has done a great editorial starring model Jane Legg, called Pins & Needles, exclusively for Ben Trovato Blog. Urban Outfitters provided the wardrobe, while Becky Hunting did the hair and make-up.

Photographer Mezzetty, aka Martin Donnelly, says he tries to find inspiration in everything, and adds: “- Why narrow down your options? At the moment I’m inspired by alot of new wave romanticism, The Smiths, early Luc Beson, Alison Moshart, Patti Smith..

The fact that Donnelly has been a designer for a long time shines through his work in an interesting way, but he says photography has always been a part of his life in some form or another. In the last five years he really singled it out, and he’s keeping busy. At the moment he’s working on “- Concepting for a few interesting commissions for both print and digital… they should keep me busy for a while..”

I am personally a big fan of his interdisciplinary and original style, and I’m excited to follow his work in the future. But for now, let’s enjoy BTB exclusive, Pins & Needles:

Collection title: Pins & Needles
Photographer & Stylist: Mezzetty
Wardrobe: Urban Outfitters
Hair & Make-up: Becky Hunting
Model: Jane Legg

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