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Lei Che Persevera Vince by Remi Rebillard

It’s Friday, and it’s time for a real goodie! French fashion photographer Remi Rebillard has provided Ben Trovato Blog with an exclusive unpublished fashion story, just for you readers. In true BTB spirit the story has been given an Italian title: “Lei Che Persevera Vince,” which means “She who perseveres wins” in English.

Remi’s work was featured on BTB for the first time back in September 2009, check it out here.

Remi was born and raised in Paris, France. His first introduction to photography came while assisting the famous French motion picture director, Jean Becker. In 1991 Remi started working with various European fashion magazines. Deriving his inspiration from living in the most beautiful city in the world, he put it to use while shooting some of the most beautiful women of the world. In 1992 Remi moved to New York with his wife, Cara Leigh. With the help of people like Faith Kates from Next, he began shooting the new generation of stars.

When entering in Remi’s world, you will touch his unique style in photography. He uses his camera like a painting palette. Although this story is in black and white, he is known for his mix of colours that can affects you deeply and give you multiple, and sometimes controversial feelings fighting inside your mind and heart. Many times you are going to feel that you are watching a fantasy movie directed by an extraordinary director.

Using a combination of mag-lights, gels and daylight from his Greenwich Village artist’s loft, Remi developed his unique light and became recognized as a beauty photographer. Remi Rebillard succeeded in creating pieces of photography art full of life, argument & magic. So be careful while stepping inside world of Remi Rebillard.

So here we go, “Lei Che Persevera Vince” by Remi Rebillard, on Ben Trovato Blog:

Models: Aksana, Viktoria, Alexandra, Francis and Alana with Elite.
Stylist: Pipi Loose with Artists By Timothy Priano
Hair and Make-up: Adi Sage

A big thanks to Remi for providing the story, and to his lovely wife Cara for providing information. This story is not published in any magazine, but Remi is looking for paper magazines to get the story printed. Check out his website for more of his work, and contact details.