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Easy Born Wild Ride by Jason Lee Parry

Los Angeles based photographer Jason Lee Parry has provided me with his latest story for Qvest, Easy Born Wild Ride, featuring the two beauties Masha Rudenko and Nadiya Chenko. Jason was featured on BTB for the first time back in April, and said this about what inspires him: “- Living in a tent in my living room and drinking whiskey for days on in, that’s when the ideas really start to flow. Or any kind of fort will do. 60s and 70s playboy mags, old motorcycle films, Jim Morrison’s Poetry, long road trips with little cash, recklessness, total freedom to be myself, Guy Bourdin, long walks at 3am, my beautiful humble woman, activities that have no meaning, bad weather, complete confidence without cockiness, being with people who do before they think, Very Small Towns and Villages, just doing shit that’s out of the ordinary.

The post also includes a video from the shoot.

Photographer: Jason Lee Parry w/ current studio LA
Photography assistant: Jenny Sirney
Stylist: Leila Baboi and Danielle Defoe
Models:  Masha Rudenko and Nadiya Chenko w/ photogenics
Hair: Kristina Brown

Check out the rest of his work here.