Notturna, a Fashion Film by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich

Notturno by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich

Notturna, a Fashion Film by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich

Notturno was shot in the ancient waters of Saturnia, Italy by Marco Adamo Graziosi and Maria Host-Ivessich. Narrated with a poem by Sylvia Plath, the film is beautifully ethereal and eerie.

Such A Waste of Lives, a Fashion Film by Gonzalo Alipaz

Such A Waste of Lives by Gonzalo Alipaz

Such A Waste of Lives, a Fashion Film by Gonzalo Alipaz

Director Gonzalo Alipaz’s fashion film Such A Waste of Lives is an improvised narrative of a youthful couple all dressed up with nowhere to go. “The only fixed topic so far was vanity itself”, he says. However, after the film started to come together, the story unfolded and became much more than that.

Concrete, a fashion film by Nicole Rose

Concrete by Nicole Rose

Concrete, a fashion film by Nicole Rose on Ben Trovato

Concrete, a film by director Nicole Rose in collaboration with jewelry designer Elke Kramer is a beautiful piece. It is shot and edited with great skill (the editors were Ben Trovato regular Ben Briand, and Gabriel Dowrick; see here for Briand’s other work on Ben Trovato), the jewelry is stunning and used expertly – it’s always a challenge as to how to portray jewelry well in a film dedicated to it; the make-up - unusual for a fashion film - is interesting and meticulous, and the score, by Basil Hogias, original as well as eclectic. I particularly liked its simplicity.

Fashion film by Ehsan Bhatti

Fashion film by Ehsan Bhatti

River Island teamed up with the British Fashion Council to launch FASH/ON FILM festival during London Fashion Week Spring 2012. A great initiative, and right up Ben Trovato’s alley as we headlined Fash!on/off - the Belgian Fashion Film Festival - in December 2011, and we are one of the headliners of La Jolla Fashion Film Festival this summer.

We're back at NYFW this fall!

We’re back at NYFW this fall!

NYFW is something every fashion interested soul in the world would give a small fortune to be a part of. It’s the single most glamourous and important event of the year in the fashion universe. However, 99% of all the fashion blessed beings out there will miss the majority of it.

In february 2012, that changed forever.

Read more.

Alter Ego, fashion film by Simon Ruschmeyer

Alter Ego by Simon Ruschmeyer

Berlin based filmmaker and director Simon Ruschmeyer was inspired by a visit to an old disused sanatorium while scouting potential locations for his next project. Exploring the long, dark, rotting corridors, the decaying rooms, he found himself pondering on the contrasts of tragedy and hope which must inevitably have coexisted in such a place. “I could sense the history of the place as I walked around. So many stories of disease, death, but also of hope and recovery. I started to imagine different mental states of a person, who might have lived here. I’m always inspired by contradictions, the tension between beauty and decay that the location offered felt just perfect for my first fashion film,” Simon tells us.

Waiting for..., fashion film by Joe Wehner

Waiting for… by Joe Wehner

“It’s a short story about a woman waiting for a man,” fashion photographer and director Joe Wehner tells us, he has just directed his first Ben Trovato film, “Waiting for…” . It was a long time coming, for six long months we have waited for the right project and the right girl to come by, and then Tantiana at Mc2 came to town.

Writer's Block, fashion film directed by Gia Coppola

Writer’s Block directed by Gia Coppola

It’s not very often you watch a fashion film with a strong narrative, and I mean a really strong narrative. Fashion movies usually have some structure to them, but this structure is not necessarily narrative and where it is, it usually manifests itself in a more obscure fashion, taking a back seat to the portrayal of a certain aesthetic, which is not a bad thing, as it can be done expertly…


Living Is A Gamble by Graham Dunn

California summers, nostalgia, and the idea of found footage were things that inspired Graham Dunn when shooting his third story and second film for Ben Trovato, Living Is A Gamble.

Lost, fashion film by Charles Lucima

Lost by Charles Lucima

When Charles Lucima capped a feature in our One Frame Fame section a couple of weeks ago we hinted that you would soon see more of Charles on Ben Trovato. Today is that day, and he debuts on Ben Trovato with a wonderful editorial fashion film entitled Lost. It features the breathtaking Codi Babcock - who made her debut on Ben Trovato a week ago - wearing gowns by Thai Nguyen.

HIDEscape, fashion film by Alberto Van Stokkum

HIDEscape by Alberto Van Stokkum

HIDEscape is a film that comments on one of the ‘games’ of our age, namely the way the media feeds our frenzy for celebrities while celebs in turn love to hate the attention. Director Alberto Van Stokkum summarized it succinctly… “Overall we wanted to convey something very specific – the fact the famous model [in the film] hates the camera but at the same time can’t resist it. The film revolves around the model and the camera pursuing her. She tries to escape but does not manage to do so. This is lucky for her as the footage of her is spectacular and she knows it.”

New Beginnings 2012, fashion editorial and film by Nicole Anne Robbins

New Beginnings 2012 by Nicole Anne Robbins

Nicole Anne Robbins and her team collaborated with Wildfox to create a great 2011 grand finale on Ben Trovato, a New Years eve story with video and stills entitled New Beginnings 2012.