I have no idea where this was shot,” Kesler Tran says of his third Ben Trovato story. Tran and the three models - Kelley, Leore and Colleen, got in the car one afternoon and set off into the desert with one thing on their mind: Let the location inspire them!

The result is a simple and natural story, with a somewhat dark undertone. “It was almost as if we welcomed the sunset in a spiritual way, after a blistering 115 degree afternoon,” Tran says.

Refugee was brilliantly styled by Kelley, who’s not exactly a newbie to Ben Trovato, having been involved in more than five stories prior to this one.

Although the team was minimal, and the heat unbearable, Tran couldn’t have been happier with the decision to just leave the city and shoot something completely improvised. “And the girls were great, especially considering how hot it was, driving around from one location to the next.


19 years old, born and raised in Romania, Georgiana Saraev loves her country because it has everything she’ll ever need: amazing food, the nicest people and beautiful seasides. She’s a social butterfly and is always there for her friends whenever they need anything. If someone’s in need, she’s the first girl to step up to the plate. Her style icons lately have been Barbara Palvin and Natasha Poly, two girls she looks up to not only for style, but as models! Her favorite designer of the moment is Alexander Wang.

She thinks she’s got a special eye for talent too, when she meets new models she can sense when a girl will hit it big… and she’s usually right!


We’ve all wanted to escape our realities from time to time, and maybe especially while in our youth just dying to leave the ever so boring nest. Aris Jerome’s Runaways captures the feeling of that first taste of freedom so effortlessly yet beautifully, where we follow Kianna Stupakoff and Izzy Spain through their blissful journey into the unknown. Their friendship is their safety, and their connection is unbreakable. “They are truly amazing,” Jerome says of the girls, telling us they hit it off from the very beginning.

They would vibe off each other like twin sisters. I couldn’t have asked for a better pair of models to work with.

The film came together as Jerome followed colleague and good friend Joseph Tran as he was shooting the girls. “He asked me to come along and I was just filming in between shots. He had the first locations but we definitely improvised throughout the day. It was very natural.

Jerome started shooting music videos about three years ago, and about a year ago he moved out to the OC and met a photographer named Solmaz Saberi: “- She introduced me to Joseph Tran and I would tag along their shoots and just learn from them.


I wanted to create imagery that was very clean and colorful, but with a eerie sense of something missing, or lacking,” Billy Rood says of his latest story for Ben Trovato, Amanda. “Amanda was definitely a strong part of the story. As soon as I saw her I knew I wanted to do something that showed her features.

She has perfect porcelain skin and a very strong and unique face. A perfect fit for the location and the theme.

The location, a mansion in Northbrook, IL, belongs to a family friend of Jacki Debb - the stylist of the shoot. “I LOVE shooting on location. It’s my favorite way of telling a story,” Rood answers when asked about his location work. Of his three previous stories for Ben Trovato, one was shot in a run-down church, the other in a mysterious forrest, and the third in the streets of Chicago. “It allows more organic images and lets me play more with the model in a different environment. It also is very important for me to try new things and shooting on location always pushes me to do something new.

And as mentioned above, for this particular location, there was no doubt in Rood’s mind that Amanda Murphy @ Factor Women had the right look for the story. ”Her experience and confidence drew me to have her a part of this story. We collaborated a bunch before we shot, just getting to know each other and what we like to do. So it was very easy for me to direct and just watch her do her thing.

All members of the team know each other well, and have work together many times before. “Kerre and Jacki together is like a sitcom waiting to happen,” Rood reveals, and adds “Their banter and playfulness really helps bring levity to shoots and I love working
with them.

“They also love trying new things and trust in my ideas. It is always important to have people that support you.”

The Last World

Iceland. The land of nature, the sagas and mystical power places. The 16 million year old island, what’s known to be the youngest member of planet earth, was french fashion photographer Luc Braquet’s main inspiration for his story entitled The Last World.

The last world is the story of a wild child, lost in an oppressive lunar landscape, which has gradually become her kingdom.

Braquet prefers shooting at location in the first place, as he finds it more narrative, in addition to the natural benefits such as natural light and an environment for the model to connect with.

Sara Karen @ Eskimo stars as a native of The Last World, skipping through the landscape and blending in like she owns it. “The choice of the model is essential in all my projects,” Braquet tells us, adding “Sara has this fragile, lonely side, but on the other hand, she seems very strong and determined.”

Hair and makeup was done by Frida Maria, and styling was done by Alda B assisted by Brynhildur & Julia. Alda focused her wardrobe on making Sara look like the ultimate native of the rough land.

Almost barbarian, but in a female way. She is strong but also sexy…

The Shelter of Solitude

Urko Suaya jumped gracefully into the world of fashion photography several years ago, shooting what he refers to as the “most gorgeous girls in Buenos Aires.” And for our first cover story on the new Ben Trovato Suaya did exactly that; Mica Argañaraz seems to be of another world.

Mica was the perfect one for this story. Her purity and sensuality inspired the whole shoot.

The Shelter of Solitude is a story about a natural and beautiful woman surrounded by her own magical and abstract world, -her shelter.

Doing Mica’s natural makeup was Elisa Heros, hair stylist was Carolina Gonzales, and the minimal delicate styling was done by Nicole Segal. “The team was great,” Suaya tells us. “The whole crew were very professional and did a splendid job. We shared some other experiences in the past, so we know each other very well what makes us enjoy and love what we do.

Stylist Segal says her most important focus when styling Mica was to not overshadow her natural beauty, but rather compliment it by bringing in light garments in pale colors to create contrast.

Photographer calling for models in NY

My name is German Saez, a Buenos Aires based photographer looking for some models to shoot while I’m in New York City this October. I want to do some urban and interior photoshoots. MUA also needed.

You can view my work here & here.

Email me at [email protected] if interested!

Golden Dawn by James Lightbown

When British fashion photographer James Lightbown and his team travelled to Andalucia in Spain recently, they had one thing on their mind: to shoot some amazing swimwear editorials. The project produced Golden Dawn, his first ever editorial for Ben Trovato.

I was inspired by the model herself, I wanted to play with the bronze shades and colors of the model, the location and then the swimwear,” he explains, continuing: “So I found a location that would allow me to shoot an underexposed feel with the metallic swimwear and the golden skin tones.

Surrounded by his regular team, James knew exactly what to expect on the set: “- Eleni [model] was amazing, I’ve worked with her quite a lot recently and planned the shoot around her. I’ve worked with Claire the make-up artist for about 10 years and Karl is my regular first assistant.

Stylist Emma Rice said “[..] when discussing the shoot and concept with James, we decided to stick with bronze and metallic shades for the product. Wanting to keep the accessories simple I pulled the amazing Zanotti wedges and commissioned some bespoke gold jewelry for the shoot. The focus was to keep it simple to let the tones and the model stand out.

Photography by James Lightbown
Modelling by Eleni @ Union
Stylist by Emma Rice
Hair & Makeup by Claire Salter
Photographer’s Assistant Karl Gregory

London Trash by Joël Cartier

He started shooting fashion about a year ago, after having picked up his first camera three years prior to that. Now Joël Cartier is shooting and producing for the best of them through his film and photography company Eclumes Studios, that he formed with Damien Krisl three years ago.

Today he’s finally making his debut on Ben Trovato. London Trash features fashion model Remy Green represented by Select Models, styled by Sara Darling, and with hair and makeup by Kathrin Tollas.

I have never worked with anyone from the team before, but we worked very well together and the shoot was quick and painless! Remy was amazing and it was very easy to work with her, and the whole thing was shot in four and a half hours,” Joël tells us, and adds “It is a story about a “trashy” girl who gets lost in the streets of London. But she makes the city beautiful.

Photography by Joël Cartier
Modelling by Remy Green @ Select Model Management
Styling by Sara Darling
Hair & Makeup by Kathrin Tollas
Fashion Assistant Alfonso Bessy
Photography Assistant Richard Keech

Parc de Sceaux by Caitlin Bellah

Only a week has passed since we ran Laura Cammarata‘s Pre Raphaelite inspired story You Never Know It’s A Nightmare, and today we’re publishing another story by a Ben Trovato favorite, inspired by the same mid 1800s art brotherhood. As Caitlin Bellah‘s fascination with the Pre Raphaelites is evident in many of her unique fashion stories, her absolute main source of inspiration when shooting her second Ben Trovato story was the park she shot at, Parc de Sceaux, which is also the title of her story.

I was staying in my friend Mounia’s hometown of Sceaux, which is right outside of Paris. We had just gotten ourselves a piece of mille-feuille and were heading to the park to sit and eat it. She had said the park was beautiful and was excited to show me it but I was in no way prepared for what I saw. I’m American and what comes to mind when I think of a neighborhood park is something small with some swings and children playing. As soon as I saw the big old blue doors of the entrance I knew I was in for something much different than a typical park- I was going to be in love. I knew I had to shoot there and Charlotte [makeup and hair] and I began frantically sending out emails to make it happen and it did the very next day.”

And what you see on Ben Trovato today is the result of a fashion story built upon that pure moment of inspiration.

The beautiful wardrobe was provided last minute by Jonathan Liang at Nue Clothing, and the striking Alena Dedova at Major Models in Paris joined them for the shoot. “Alena is what a great model is to me. She transformed effortlessly into the character of this story,” Caitlin tells us.

Caitlin had never worked with hair stylist and makeup artist Charlotte Mailhe before, and had been waiting for the right time to come for their first collaboration. “I loved her work so much, it is so emotional and feminine and I was excited to finally come to Paris and work with her. After the shoot she and her husband invited me to come back to Holland with them and I did. I now consider Charlotte a friend and I’m so lucky to have met her!”

Photography by Caitlin Bellah
Modelling by Alena Dedova @ Major Models Paris
Hair & Makeup by Charlotte Mailhe
Wardrobe by NUE by Jonathan Liang
Location - Parc de Sceaux, Sceaux, France

Melise by Petter Karlstrøm

It’s a story about being caught in a moment of mystic and movement,” photographer Petter Karlstrøm explains when asked about his debut story for Ben Trovato; Melise -named after model Melise Williams who stars in it.

When shooting I always look for a rawness and believability in my work,” he says, adding “The combination of the model, the richness and elegance of Melise was enough to keep me shooting for days.”

He continues to praise Melise for her awareness of her body, her length,and how she uses it to create beautiful dynamic shapes.

Having worked with the stylist Leigh Dalton, and makeup artist Lisa Xenides before, Petter knew what to expect of his team. “Every time I work with them we share the same passion for creating something that feels real in an unrealistic way.”

Completing the team was hair stylist Maria Christopoulos and assistant Bryan Dalli.

Stylist Leigh Dalton says her styling “[..] was intended to be deep, rich and create something slightly dramatic weather it be texture, shape or movement. Something beautiful,raw an true to form.”

Photography by Petter Karlstrøm
Modelling by Melise Williams @ Debut management 
Styling by Leigh Dalton
Hair by Maria Christopoulos
Makeup by Lisa Xenides
Retouching by Go Addicted
Photographer Assistant Bryan Dalli
Thanks to “The National Grid” for the space.

She Needs Somebody To Hold by Facundo Garay

I wanted aggressive eyes, but with finesse, spiced with a bit of rock and roll!” Facundo Garay says of his latest story for Ben Trovato. The fourth in a row of magnificent fashion tales shot exclusively for his favorite online publication.

She Needs Somebody To Hold features fashion model Julieta Enriquez, and was shot by the river close to where Facundo lives taking advantage of the foggy cold winter days in Argentina.

“It was our first time working together… we had a lovely connection. I tried to make her hate me a bit to provoke an attitude and a deep look in her eyes… She kept saying: ‘I don’t hate you, but what a ·#%&$ cold and rainy day!’”

It was also the first time Facundo worked with makeup artist and hair stylist Sofi Lanza Castelli, but his second time with fashion stylist Agus Jofré: “I’m very very and very happy to have met her, because I love her work, her finesse, her delicate and thorough way to choose each outfit for each picture, and of course, her personality!

Agus says while talking to Facundo preparing the shoot, that they decide early to punk Julieta up a little bit. “We had the location and it was a chilly rainy day… so that helped to get Julieta in a pissed off mood. I know this guy who makes these wonderful rock n roll and mortorcycle inspired jewelry and had these awesome denim vests from Lovers and Fuckers, so that was kind of the center of my inspiration for the clothes. Then I found these awesome independent brands Ame Noire and Natalia Fantasyseven wich helped to conceive the whole idea of the wardrobe.

Photography by Facundo Garay
Modelling by Julieta Enriquez @ Rebel Models Management
Styling by Agus Jofré
Makeup & hair by Sofi Lanza Castelli