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byKate Friendtext byMarius Troy

Shot in Bali, Kate Friend’s latest story for Ben Trovato makes you feel warm and happy from the inside and out. We follow models Vika and Miriam swimming in their freedom around a wild bonfire, until the tide comes in and tames the flames. Stylist Maikhanh Bertrand joins Friend for yet another amazing Ben Trovato story, and mixes vintage DKNY with amazing swimwear by Maidenlove, in addition to a long list of other amazing brands.

Kate, could you describe Illumine in your own words?

Uninhibited, playful, lustful. A bonfire beach party into the dawn.

What were your main sources of inspirations when shooting the story?

Movement was really key, and of course the elements, freedom, innocence, voyeurism.

Miriam and Vika look amazing in this setting, how were they to work with?

Great, Miriam and Vika have very different looks and characters that compliment each other perfectly.

Bertrand did both the styling, and hair and makeup, you guys seem like a great duo judging from the work you’ve produced together for Ben Trovato!

Yes, we’ve worked together before in Bali with great success. We discuss everything in depth before we start so we are clear about the objective, then during the shoot all opinions and new ideas are considered. Everyone knows their independent roles and we balance individual expertise with collaboration.

Bertrand, how would you describe your styling for Illumine?

The idea for this story started with the image of a deserted beach and free spirited girls dancing around a bonfire. The highlight is the swimwear, sourced from different labels all over the world. I mixed florals, graphics and bright colors to create a vibrant and intoxicating mood. I particularly fell in love with the unique vintage pieces and designer clothing at the Maidenlove boutique in Bali. Their light fabrics and flowing cuts give movement and energy to the shots. The girls look beautiful, mysterious and alluring, like a midsummer night’s dream.