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Gold Dust

byPatricia Imbarustext byMarius Troy

21- year old Milan based self-taught fashion photographer Patricia Imbarus has been shooting since picking up her father’s Zenit ET at the age of 15, with a pocketful if film. Today she is stepping into the limelight here on Ben Trovato, with an awesome, colorful editorial entitled Gold Dust, featuring Swedish fashion model Andrea Lindström.

Tell us about Gold Dust, and what the story means to you?
It’s all about living in the moment, enjoying every second to the fullest, seeking out new adventures.

We wanted to portray a character embodying all of our young, restless pursuits. We tried to project a fresh spirit, someone bold and daring, completely out of the ordinary; tried to step away from the reoccurring themes and ideas, and create something which represents us, but that would also intrigue the viewers and make them question their own lifestyle. Are you brave enough to live as you feel or do you let others decide for you?

That’s an interesting and profound way of approaching a fashion editorial. What inspired you?
We drew inspiration from the streets and old magazines, and tried mixing nostalgia for the times and places we’ve never seen but long for, and the current, thriving global underground movement. A personal study and observation of the plethora of emerging urban subcultures paved the way for this story.

Just to point out a few specific sources: old school hip hop, M.I.A, girl power, iridescence, skaters, the Fresh Prince, urban decay, sequins. Everything colorful, funky, intense. An explosion of energy.

Andrea seems to fit the concept perfectly with her unique and distinct features. How was she to work with?
A real delight! When casting the model, I was explaining the bookers I wanted someone fun, someone who could laugh wholeheartedly and who could bring her own attitude on the set. I didn’t have particular requirements about looks, but was more concerned with the personality of the model. Andrea fit the team like a glove. I couldn’t have asked for more. She was just the right combination of childish, mysterious and tough. A bit of a tomboy, but with utterly charming, feminine gestures and looks. Plus, bonus points for the freckles! We clicked perfectly, so I gave her a lot of freedom in movement. I didn’t have to give her too many directions, because she was almost reading my mind. We had a great connection! Most of the team’s favorite shots were the spontaneous ones. She’s a natural.

You brought with you stylists Susanne Kuuskman and Ekaterina Evsyutkina, makeup artist Kassandra Frua de Angeli, and hairstylist Nico Doniele, how was your chemistry on set?
I have no words to describe how great we all fit together. Currently, we’re actually all very close friends. I think something truly magic happened that day, because honestly, I feel I found some of the kindest, dedicated and passionate people ever.

The stylists, Susanne and Katerina really spiced up the story with their weird, crazy mixes. I have to admit, the styling was over the top and way out of my comfort zone, but maybe that’s why I got so engaged and into it. Kas did a wonderful job with the makeup, and Nico pulled off just the right combination of sexy/rebel hair. Everybody was utterly professional, full of ideas and brought an incredible energy onto the set. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Susanne Kuuskman and Ekaterina Evsyutkina, we love your daring styling, tell us your thoughts on the concept.
‘Gold dust’ was a concept we’ve thought of for a few good months before the actual shooting. It all started with analyzing a bunch of videos by M.I.A, Azealia Banks, Grimes etc. We really loved how these girls took underground and ghetto to a whole new level, each in her own different way. Their style is very visually intriguing. For instance, M.I.A’s kitsch fashion collages are simply mesmerizing, exuding such an explosive creative energy. We thought of interpreting everything, the whole subculture, in our own way, and mixing it with our ideas and vision. So, for our story, we tried to portray a rebel, a restless wild child, in love with the street and the people. We wanted to capture a girl strong, reckless but delicate at the same time. Perhaps, most importantly, someone not afraid to be different and proud of it, living by her own rules. We mixed a lot of pieces by up and coming designers from Milan and Torino, quite a few menswear pieces, bomber jackets, insane prints and strong colors. We threw in some heavy jewellery and used Patricia’s skateboard as prop. One word: badass!