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Britt & Ash

bySpencer Wohlrabtext byMarius Troy

Spencer Wohlrab‘s last appearance on Ben Trovato was with his highly popular Me and Serena editorial. Today we are publishing his latest story, entitled Britt & Ash after models Brittany Andrews and Ashley Williams. A story that in many ways includes the same sense of reality and honesty that his first story for us praised for. We caught up with the ever so eccentric photographer and asked him a few questions about Britt & Ash.

Could you describe your story, and your thoughts behind it?
“Bedroom Eyes” is a series I have been working on for a little while now. It is part of a project that I have been working on for my next book. The images are used to create a connection between the viewer and my subject in which the viewer feels like they are within this intimate setting. We have all been in these situations before, and I hope the viewer will rehash old memories of the ones they have loved.

Is there a story behind the story here?
Naked babes. What else would it be?

I can imagine you had a great day shooting then?
Shooting this sucked. Not because I don’t love the girls. Just because my head wasn’t in the right place going into it. I just had a falling out with a girl that I was seeing and my friend made me go on a blind double date with him to “introduce me to a nice girl.” Luckily I had the excuse of leaving this extremely uncomfortable brunch in which I didn’t say anything and left to shoot. When I met up with Brittany and Ashley, Brittany was going through emotional turmoil too, and re-creating these intimate moments, in which lead us to vent about our bullshit.

You know both Brittany and Ashley from before, how were they as subjects?
The girls were a dream to work with. Brittany wasn’t shy at all about throwing off her clothes in front of me though she was my intern and Ashley just walked around the whole place naked. I don’t think I posed a single photo of her. I just followed her around shooting wherever she went. Not in like a creepy way or anything.

Where did all this go down?
We shot at Ashleys house. She had just moved in and started to clean all the clutter that has accumulated everywhere and I stopped her because it added so much to her character.