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Boho Beach

byKim+Philtext byMarius Troy

Based out of the Bay Area, Kim+Phil work together shooting fashion, food, and their travels. For their first story for Ben Trovato the duo teamed up with photographer and model Lavenda Memory, who shot a story for us last year last year set to warm Palm Springs. Our reunion with Lavenda is set to one of California’s beautiful beaches, an environment she looks made for.

We asked Kim+Phil a few questions about their first Ben Trovato story, Boho Beach:

What is Boho Beach about?
Boho Beach is a story about a girl who loves coming to the beach. It’s “her” place where she comes to unwind, relax, and to think.

What were your main sources of inspirations when shooting the story?
We have been wanting to do a beach shoot for a long time now because the coast here is so beautiful and most of it remains untouched. And being in Oregon, you don’t get too many chances before the rain comes again. We wanted to tell the story of a girl who loves the beach. We wanted the story to feel free, fresh, and fun, while at the same time being feminine and sexy. We didn’t want it to solely be about a sexy girl in different bikinis.

Lavenda Memory looks gorgeous in the shoot, how was she to work with?
Lavenda Memory is a professional. She is so beautiful, fun, and easy to work with. We love shooting with Lavenda whenever we get the chance to.

How about the rest of the team? Have you worked together before?
Our team was great! It truly was a collaboration. Amy Allen is an awesome stylist. We had the idea to do a bohemian beach shoot and we told Amy to run free with it. She knew exactly what we wanted. We trusted her completely and she executed our vision beautifully. Nolie Marie Platt did wonderful job on hair and makeup. She was quick, flexible, but also very meticulous. She was a pleasure to work with.

We also caught up with stylist Amy Allen, giving her a chance to comment on her picks for Boho Beach:
I was inspired by the light and energy on the last days of summer. The movement of the embroidered dress, balanced with slouchy tops, distressed shorts and boots conveyed that seasonal shift.