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Bitchin and Ditchin

byMelanie Tjoengtext byMarius Troy

Melanie Tjoeng started out as a documentary photographer about five years ago, and it wasn’t until she moved back home from living in the US, that she started doing more fashion related projects and developing a passion for fashion photography. Now the Gold Coast based artist couldn’t think of doing anything else, as it enables her to travel and meet amazing people all over the world.

Today Tjoeng is finally making her debut on Ben Trovato, that with a story of a rebel, a dreamer and a young woman in search of something else in life. Bitchin and Ditchin features break through model Teresa Oman, and is wearing fashion from Alido Buffalo Vintage, styled by Kit Scholley. We asked Melanie and Kit a few questions about their debut story on Ben Trovato:

Could you describe the story in your own words?
Teresa is a young girl who doesn’t want to be in school, she is a rebel, a dreamer and a young woman in search of something. She ditches class and spends her time listening to music in the local park. This is her form of escape and it enables her to dream of freedom and a life outside of the constraints of high school.

What were your main sources of inspirations when planning and shooting Bitchin and Ditchin?
Kit who is the owner of Alido Buffalo Vintage and also the stylist for the shoot came up with the concept of “Bitchin and Ditchin” about a young girl who has no interest in staying in class and just wants to be free and spend her afternoons in the park. Kit was inspired by her own childhood of skipping school and the music she listened to at that age.

We played on Teresa’s innocent yet tough girl vibe and found a location that was perfect for ditching school. I found it easy to shoot because I tapped into the way I felt when I was in school which made directing and shooting really fun and interesting.

Teresa looks amazing, how was she to work with?
Teresa Oman is one of my favorite models to work with. She has an ease about her that makes shooting with her very fluid. She has an amazing ability to draw not only from her beauty but also from her personality and what she brings forth to the camera is something of magic. I feel blessed every time I get to work with her.

Kit, the vintage styling pretty much dictates the mood and storyline of Bitchin and Ditchin, what were your main sources of inspiration?
I was inspired by my own need to skip school when I was a teenager. I used to wear chokers, creepers and harnesses inspired by the heavy music we used to listen to. I wanted to really create a vibe or rebelliousness and innocence.