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byBastian Achardtext byMarius Troy

Young Berlin based fashion photographer Bastian Achard is making his debut on Ben Trovato with his story entitled “Aura” inspired by the german philosopher Walter Benjamin. Achard presents his personal interpretation of Benjamin’s notion of aesthetics in a tale showcasing amazing silk dresses by the german fashion designer Dawid Tomaszewsk. Using long exposures, he’s created a beautiful series of moving stills.

When and how did you end up shooting fashion?

I started expressing myself through photography in later stages of high school. I soon started working with people, rather than objects, and I find fashion photography to be the best way for me to transform my vision into a story-based statement. I’m always striving for a reference to support the depth in the work I produce.

Speaking of, describe how it was working with beautiful Eilika @ PMA.

Eilika did a great job. Since I particularly looked for a redheaded model, she perfectly completed the story. I also knew that it was indispensable to have a girl with charisma to support me achieving the vision I had.

How about the rest of the team? Have you worked together before?

I collaborated with Theo a couple of times before. Since we understand each other artistically, I always enjoy working with him. However, it was the first time for me working with Isabella. She did a really good job and I think we will team up again for further projects.

Anders, the retoucher, could perfectly assign to my idea of Aura and could get the best out of my images.

Theo [hair & makeup], tell us about your hair and makeup in Aura.

I wanted the model to look really elegant. For this, I chose a very nude & fresh make-up and pinned up her hair to accent the color and volume. With a breeze of 19th century, the whole look supports the silk dresses and creates a really pompous look.

Isabella [stylist], you chose Dawid Tomaszewski’s amazing designs, pretty much setting the scene for Aura. Tell us about your styling and how it aligned with Achard’s idea.

While I chose a very puristic direction for the set with Bastian, I tried to fulfil the images with more romantic dresses comparing to the essay piece by Walter Benjamin. As I was looking for a big but even light and silky, heavenly long dress which is in motion in nearly every position, I remembered these pieces from Berlin Fashionweek AW 11/12 and thought they would perfectly fit to the content of Bastian’s vision.