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byKesler Trantext byMarius Troy

Our December cover story is shot by the one and only Kesler Tran, featuring Hanalei Reponty at an abandoned theme park in the Mojave Desert. Entitled Abandoned, the story is about a girl who is revisiting a theme park she went to as a child: “- Basically reliving the fun moments of the rides, hanging out, youth and freedom,” Tran tells us.

My friend found the theme park on google and thought it might be a cool location to shoot at. I mean, it’s an abandoned water park, how cool is that?” Very cool, indeed.

Even cooler is Hanalei from Next LA in the leading role. “She’s great, definitely one of my favorites,” Tran says, before proclaiming that he would love to work with the beauty again.

The story is styled by Hanalei herself, bringing on a natural urban look that fit the concept exceptionally well. Makeup was done by Dana Delaney.