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Reborn by Villanueva & Stone

Joe Villanueva and Katie Stone met each other in college during an Italian class in 2004. They were both artists, Katie painted and drew and Joe drew and composed music, and they were both into fashion: “- Yeah, but we didn’t realize to what extent until Katie began her blog Stone and Cloth in May 2010. Being Katie’s boyfriend, I was naturally the one taking the pictures for her blog with the use of an iphone and sometimes a point and click camera. The quality of the pictures became frustrating to us and after about a month, we decided to buy a professional camera to further the quality of the blog. We then started taking turns shooting each other and it became an obsession. Then, we started testing with models and eventually agencies and little over a year later we are in love with what we do. We have compressed years of work into a matter of months seeing as we do this even in our sleep. But the fact that I used to retouch and worked in graphic design and Katie has a keen sense of style coupled with both of us being artists definitely is a huge asset to our photography.

Their work has mainly been published in GOODS magazine in San Diego, and today the Carlsbad based duo are making their debut on Ben Trovato. Reborn features Kayslee Collins from No Ties, styled by Benjamin Ackermann, with hair and make up by Ashley Lueckenhoff. Joe and Katie says this about the story: “- The story behind this particular shoot/spread is about rebirth. We were toying with the idea of having this shoot be more literal and go avant garde with it but we opted not to do that. This shoot closes the book on the first chapter of our photography, we are going on a very brief hiatus to restructure our gear and style. And so is the model for that matter and the team involved in the shoot. Which is why we call it reborn, with the end of this chapter all of us will begin a new chapter.

Here’s Reborn by Villanueva & Stone, for Ben Trovato:

Photography – Villanueva & Stone
Stylist – Benjamin Ackermann
Make up & Hair – Ashley Lueckenhoff
Model – Kayslee Collins @ No Ties

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