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Natural Obsession by Oliver Meyer

Oliver Meyer started taking pictures at 10, when his dad got him a Canon T70 SLR. But he quickly lost interest. In 1998 after visiting England, he fortunately started picking his camera again and since 2006 he’s been shooting fashion non-stop. One of his latest works is this wonderful story created in collaboration with Asuyeta, an independent fashion label founded by Erika Bates, exclusively for Ben Trovato. Natural Obsession is a result of a great working relationship between the two, and this is actually the fourth time they work together: “- And as always it was super fun and easy. We are a great team,” says Erika. “- Erika and I came up with the concept; we knew we wanted to work with Florentina as a Model and Eva as a Hair and Makeup Artist,” says Oliver, before adding:

“Erika showed me some moods, and I knew the perfect spot for it. When we work together its always spontaneous and easy.”

How did you come in contact with Asuyeta? “- In 2009 when I needed outfits for an old train station shooting, the make up artist then contacted her. Since then we have been working together frequently.

Asuyeta is Cherokee and means chosen. Erika picked it because of her Native American roots: “- The meaning is perfect because each piece is chosen for the gal who buys it,” she says.


Her customer is a discerning and fashion-conscious gal that wants to feel and look good with what she is wearing. She prefers to purchase unique handmade pieces as opposed to ethically doubtful mass produced pieces from the Third World.

Oliver seems to be the perfect photographer to portray Asuyeta’s vision. What inspires you, Oliver? “- There is nothing in particular that I would call inspiring, because everything I see can be an inspiration for a shooting. And there are a lot of amazing photographers that are also very inspiring! But I couldn’t name them all because there are just too many.

I agree.

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Photographer – Oliver Meyer
Clothes/Styling - Asuyeta
Model – Florentina @ East West Models
Hair/MUA - Eva Gerholdt